Science has buried God!


Or is that just a tad too simplistic?

Let me tell you about Jonny. He went to the conference for the world’s most eminent scientists. And he gathered this august group into a circle and presented them with a cake! “Explain the cake” he asked!

One scientist came forward and told him all about the proteins and starches in the cake; another explained the calorific value of the different ingredients; another the molecular structures; another chemical compositions. Great, many helpful explanations – amazing stuff!

“Thanks” Jonny said “but can you tell me who made it ... and why?” There was silence. No-one could!

Until a voice was heard from the audience. A little old lady came forward ... “I can reveal the answers to your questions Jonny!” He was amazed to see his aunt Matilda standing there!

“I made the cake; and I made it for your birthday!”

Science is the business of observing and experimenting with repeatable events to learn about how things are made and how they work. But it cannot tell us everything.

The word science simply means knowledge (and in fact our modern meaning of science used to be called natural philosophy and it ought today to be called physical science!)

So what do we call knowledge that deals with one-off events or traces the evidence for particular people? We call it history. We could put scientists all over the field used for the Battle of Hastings …. But we will learn far more from dealing with eye-witness accounts and written documents from the time!

Who made us, and why? Science cannot answer those questions – it’s a category error to try!

We need to evaluate claimed eye-witness accounts and written documents. Which are exactly what the Bible claims to be!