work, work, work


Ever since the Industrial Revolution our work has become more and more self-defining.
There was a time when folks worked close to home and work was mainly a means of providing enough for the local community to survive.

But the Industrial Revolution took people away from rural villages into the big towns to work for the growing number of manufacturing industries. Soon men worked far from their own community … for people they did not know and …. Even had the opportunity to earn far more than the originally needed.

And so the notion of a career was more widely established in our culture. Today, how often do you first ask what someone does rather than ask about their family relationships?

And how often then do you pigeonhole them when you find out? “Oh they do such and such” … and then you place them either above or below yourself.

No wonder work has become exhausting and retirement bitter sweet. We are often defined by our work! Making some people unbearably proud (is ever so much a subtle way) and crushing others under the weight of expectations or the relentless effort to climb up to reach their peers.

Retirement? A disaster … all their life they have enjoyed the praise of being an X or a Y … and, well, just what are they now? What is there to live for now?

Do you want to be accepted as you are (whatever career or job you do or don’t have) Well then you need to rediscover who you really are!

You have been made in the image of God: made in order to know and image him and to be at work in his kingdom.
He has the power to give you a fresh start. You need to come to him on his terms … but if you do you will find a wonderful liberty to be accepted.

And you will also have the opportunity to join a new community of people who are far more interested in your God given talents … than societies pecking order of career.

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