Feeling Dehydrated?


Maybe you carry a bottle of water to quench your thirst. Not a bad idea if you are travelling on the tube.

But what about that deeper thirst in your soul? Have you found anything that really satisfies the deep longings of our soul?

Perhaps you've tried almost every “drink” under the sun:
You’ve looked for satisfaction in your career (but climbing the ladder still leaves you empty when you dare to stop and think), or you’ve tried this or that relationship (yet that person didn’t turn out as you expected), you took up a sport or fitness routine (but is that all that’s worth living for?)

You may even have tried a new religion but you're still gasping for real, satisfying life. Perhaps you’ve tried to dull the pain with alcohol or drugs?

Why don’t those “drinks” work? Well it’s because you are expecting far too much from them! You are wanting them to deliver more than they can! You weren’t made to be a walking career! And the people around you carry flaws and limitations that cannot take the weight of your expectations.

It’s like expecting a small bottle of water to sustain you for a month’s journeys on the tube!

Do you want to quench that thirst deep in your soul? Then you need to come to the one who made your soul ... because he claims that he made you to find your deepest satisfaction in him!

All those other drinks are like muddy puddles. Yet Jesus declares that those to come to him (on his terms) will receive cool living water.

Living water that will not only satisfy the deep longings of your soul ... but also make you a fountain of living water to become a true source of help to others.

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