why is death so scary?


There is probably only one major taboo subject these days … and it’s death!

The Victorians hardly ever mentioned sex. Yet they seemed obsessed with death.
Today sex is on the telly, the internet and the posters. But who dare mention the word death?

Which is perhaps somewhat odd. We are told that we are merely the accidental result of billions of years of chance … that we have no real meaning and are going nowhere….

… but for most people the death of a loved one .. or even the thought of one’s own death is surprisingly chilling.

Why? It’s an illusion – get over it! Perhaps – but isn’t it odd that this fear of death is almost universal worldwide?

Why is death so scary? Because it is unnatural! It is an imposter! It is not how things truly ought to be!

Death is, in fact, a punishment. And it’s one we all are due to receive because we have all committed the alleged crime: to ignore God and live for ourselves.

So, is that the end of the story - we all live and just die? Thankfully not. Because the same God we have ignored has not ignored us! He has come to us, and in his Son, has paid the punishment instead for all who turn and follow him.

That is why the Christian message is called good news! Jesus died so that sinners might live! And it is why the resurrection is so awesome.

Is resurrection natural? No– it’s supernatural. And that is the big claim of Jesus: that he come back to life to show that he has now put death to death.