money, money, money


Will money make you happy and rich?
Great question! Because so much of our western culture is now based on the assumption that the answer is obviously “yes”! “It’s the economy ...stoopid!” Or is it?

Since the credit crunch and the ongoing banking crises a growing number of people have begun to wonder whether our western culture’s obsession with money is actually the cause (and not the cure) for many of our woes!

Because, on the ground, we actually find that for all the high hopes, levels of personal debt are spiralling for most people (rather than great riches). And the soaring number of prescriptions for anti-depressants suggests people are quite as happy as the hoped.

Yet we are still fed a continual diet that more money will make you happier ... and (doh!) rich! We’re either told from the right wing “just try smarter and you’ll make your lucky break” … or from the left wing “all that debt is the fault of greedy bankers – up the revolution!”

But it’s not just the bankers, is it? For many people (rich or poor), money is a drug! Maybe it’s become or is becoming one for you? You studied hard for your first job and were overjoyed with that first pay packet. But it isn’t enough now! You’ve tasted the power that comes with money ... the status, the spending … and (Oliver Twist style) you want a little more!

For many people that obsession with getting more money has ironically landed them in debt; even millionaires can be greedy and want more.

Around 3,000 years ago a wise teacher called King Solomon said "He who loves money will not be satisfied with money” And around 2,000 years ago another wise teacher called the Apostle Paul said “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

Is money your god? Do effectively worship and obey its demands? Perhaps the wisest teacher of all, Jesus, personified money when he called it Mammon! He said money is so addictive that it can take over and rule you ... it can become your god.

So who can free you from the love of money? Jesus claims he can. He claims to have the power to give you a fresh start and (if you come on his terms) to make you free from harmful addictions. Because he can replace that love for the god of money with the love of God Almighty.

Would you like to find out more? Then do get in touch! I’m Andrew King, pastor and Bible teacher at Highbury Baptist Church. You can drop me a line, give me a call or even arrange to meet up for a coffee. Maybe you think I’ve got it wrong: well, if you’re willing to engage in a fair discussion then I’d love to hear from you too. Hear from you soon.

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Andrew King, 08/02/2012